Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kicking out the Salesman

I had a salesman come today from Hartness Home Improvement to give me an estimate for new windows.  The first thirty-minutes of his pitch, while very boring, went fine.

He is telling me all the virtues of his company and says to me "Don't worry we background check all our employees so you won't have a bunch of Mexicans out here."

GASP. Excuse me?  Did he just make a comment about not hiring Mexicans to me?  A woman married to a Mexican...with Mexican children? 

I feel my blood boiling up and resist the urge to simply smack him upside his head at his stupidity.  Instead I stood up and told him that he had just offended me greatly and he needed to leave.  He doesn't seem to get the picture and I spell it out for him.  "My husband is Mexican.  My Children are Mexican. Get out."

Then he says, "I'm not a racist.  Your husband is a citizen right?" 

Excuse me sir, you didn't say, "Don't worry we only hire people with the legal paperwork that entitles them to legally work here in the U.S."  You said, in essence, don't worry, Hartness doesn't hire Mexicans.

Get out and feel lucky I don't kick your {BLEEP} on the way out.    I hope he has learned an important lesson: You never know to whom you are speaking.  My skin may be white but my family is Brown and I like it that way.   Now Get out and never come back.

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  1. The world is full of idiots and we have to find a way to live amongst them. However, they are not allowed in our homes.